Monday, November 14, 2005


Seed: I am shown the way

I stand on a bluff between two trees. One living. One dead.

Gazing over the precipice
I long for dragonfly, flitting in the distance, to come my way.

Perched on the tree stump within my grasp,
ladybug waits for me to notice. She rests on my finger.
Connection. No wishes made. I am shown the way.


Vi Jones said...

And you, Maya, are showing us the way. A lovely piece indeed.


maya said...

Thank you. I had this actual experience on Saturday. The ladybug sat on my finger for a minute or two, seemingly looking at me. I was reminded that what we seek is often right there before us.

Fran said...

It is good to be seeing poetry again, to be feeling that essential part of being. Thank you both. Fran