Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yes Alone

SEED "I must travel alone"

There are many views of lonely, stark still or quiver moving;

that embrace being 'alone' with 'lonely' -- fearfully perhaps,
but oft confused with solitude and wrapping self in veils of silence.

One can be so lonely in a crowded room,
or shielded in contemplative singularity and hear a thousand songs,
of strangers met tomorrow, yes?

Monday, November 14, 2005


Seed: I am shown the way

I stand on a bluff between two trees. One living. One dead.

Gazing over the precipice
I long for dragonfly, flitting in the distance, to come my way.

Perched on the tree stump within my grasp,
ladybug waits for me to notice. She rests on my finger.
Connection. No wishes made. I am shown the way.

No longer alone

We walk a new road

Hand in hand in a strange country
I am shown the way

These paths run gently through the wood
tall trees shade us from the summer heat
Birds of a hundred colours sing our joy