Friday, September 02, 2005


SEED: “Why did the Lord of All create chiggers?”


Your skin, of course,
is covered with thousands of tiny beasties,
each doing the work of cleaning pores,
removing sloughing skin
and eating dangerous microbes –
all those unseen, microscopic task
that keep us from drowning
in our own effluvia.

It may well be that symbiosis
is the highest form of evolution,
if survival is the key.

Home from Kentucky

Keyboard...Speak in tongues!
Misplaced fingers are divining rods
pointing to the answer.
Why did the Lord of All create chiggers?
Eco-system Schmecko-system!
Those little buggers will make you itch for days on end.
While I'm inquiring of the Eternal Mind
regarding infernal creatures...
What of enormous biting flies divebombing our trail ponies?